In attendance: Jay, Max, Cam, Net, Ben, Sophie, Lea

Guest for relevant parts: Jim Yoder

@MIT: Jon

Absent: Tom

  • Faculty Meeting Update from Ben
    1. The faculty are generally happy with the program
    2. New requirement in process: all committee members must be physically present at thesis defenses
    3. Video link upgrades discussed
    4. External review discussed- the faculty take this feedback seriously
    5. Discussion of under-enrolled courses and funding for teaching
  • ASA Meeting Update from Jon
    1. We are set as a student group
    2. No votes pertained to us
  • Funding
    1. $200 allocated for 2 requests
    2. Discussed funds rolling over
    3. PO, BO, CO, AOPE to plan social events (funds are allocated)
    4. Max, Julie in charge of finishing letter to Dean re: ODGE funds
  • Social Hours Planned
    1. Nov 25
    2. Dec 9
  • Winter Retreat
    1. February, 3 possible weekends discussed
    2. Funding must be found
    3. Cam is point in planning the retreat, Jon and Jay are helpers
  • Information from Jim Yoder
    1. Housing
      1. No-one will enter bedrooms without notification (via email)
      2. Issues may be brought directly to Jim
      3. Winding Lane may be sold, with a dorm being built at Oyster Pond
    2. External Review
      1. The most useful information for the review board is any consensus from groups of students
      2. individual students may ask for one-on-one meetings
      3. Jim will send students the information already sent to the revies board
    3. Title IX
      1. No harrassment/assault reports from graduate students in the last 9 years
      2. Students can report issues that occur at scientific meetings or in the field to WHOI
      3. Jim will send out a link to the website once it is finished being updated
  • JP photoboard will be updated by Net
  • Lea will send us the JP Rep constitution, Ben will add it to the website